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Basic rights or basic manipulations?

I think that when someone takes about the personal agenda of someone else it is because they feel they are not being heard or are losing a battle that no one knows they are fighting. To me to say that someone has an agenda without giving any facts as to why they believe that, has an agenda of their own. Being weak minded is not the same thing as being wrong; and having someone disagree with you doesn’t mean they are weak minded either. Facts are the facts, but when someone doesn’t just give them or connect them to a important issue of our time, it becomes crap and something that is not for the peoples good, but for your own. To connect it to Harry Potter, I think this relevant to the Rita Skeeter type of rhetoric. Any piece of information she got, whether it was about Dumbledore of Harry, she twisted to make herself more popular and to keep up the image she had created. Nothing she wrote was for the good of the of the people, even thought she said it was. she reminds me of Bill O’Reilly… I wonder why? It has been my experience that people that are frustrated with “biased” people they are the ones losing the argument. You don’t have to play devils advocate to get you point across, but you do have to attempt to act as if you are giving them th same respect that they are giving you. People confuse Freedoms with entitlement; I think capitalism has corrupted Freedom of Speech and Press more that anything else, but that is a different conversation.

I think that most intelligent people are the one’s that get the least amount of attention and credit for thing s that they do and accomplish. They are watching all of these things unfold, which can end up destroying our country if they are not careful. It is ironic how the propel that say they love this country the most are the one that want to take away most people’s rights and to put their needs ahead of other people’s.

deathly hallows part 1

I loved the film. The part I thought was the most rhetorical was the scene where Dobby stands up to Bellatrix Lestrange before they go to shell Cottage. I don’t remember his speech to her about being free being that intense, but I loved it. I hadn’t noticed until I was watching it that he was the only one to really stand up to her in the whole film. Malfoy kind of did when he said he “wasn’t sure” that the boy with the puffy face was Harry, but Bellatrix was definitely running the show.

I think this was rhetorical because up until the last three films not, I really didn’t think that the series was about race, but it is clear now that I know where Rowling is going that it is. I love that. I went with my mom to see the movie and this was only the second time that she has gone with me to see them in a theatre, and she loved it too. I am kind of bummed out though that they cut so much out. I thought that with it being a Part 1 and Part 2, they would keep in more of the scenes: like at the beginning when Harry has to convince the Dursleys to leave and Dudley is nice to him, or when the Wesley family gets to meet Fleur’s family at their home. I think the biggest things left out of the film was the fight that almost happens with the reading of Dumbledore’s Will and the reading of Doge’s essay about Dumbledore. I think the terrible rumors about him could have been played up more and Ginny and Harry’s scene as well.

It was great though; everyone shouted when the end came and Voldermort had Dumbledore’s wand. They were so pissed that the film was over….It was hilarious.

Every conservative parent’s worst nightmare.

Every conservative parent’s worst nightmare.

 I bet he is trying to figure out how he is going to explain this one. LOL!

 I bet he is trying to figure out how he is going to explain this one. LOL!

Academic journal…

Academic Journals I want to imitate:

1. Edward Duffy “Sentences in Harry Potter, Students in Future Writing Classes”

2. Nathan Hill “Harry Potter and other Evils, or How to Read form the Right”

3. Elizabeth Bobrick “Arrested Development: Boys and Girls Forever”

4. Taking Time: Harry Potter as a Context for Interdisciplinary Studies
Tisha Beaton

5. Young Adult Literature: A Boy’s Alternative to Bodice-Rippers. Harry Potter Update: Is It for YAs?
Chris Crowe, Katherine T. Bucher and M. Lee Manning

Academic Journals I don’t like:

Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy
Benjamin H. Barton

Reviewed work(s): Sticks and Stones: The Troublesome Success of Children’s Literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter by Jack Zipes 

Harry Potter and the Public School Library
Todd A. DeMitchell and John J. Carney

Foley’s Blog Worksheet

I would like to write something about the series and race. I was also thinking about doing something on the freedom of teachers at the Hogwarts school to teach their medium in their own way. My last thought was to do something on immigration and Harry Potter, because of the many characters that are from many other parts of Europe and also the idea of “pure bloods” v. everyone else. 

I would love for my blog to be informative, but to also be funny and connect the argument to current events and parallel that with the Harry Potter series. Snarky is always better… it keeps the readers attention, even if they don’t like it they will stick around to see what you argument is so they can argue about it later.

Blogs I want to imitate:

wired.com I like this very much. I gave clear and interesting claims. They talked about issues that was not mentioned in the mainstream news, but was just as important. It made you think.

theredside.com I didn’t know about this one before, but I think it is effective because it is radical, but not offensive. It pulls you in whether or not you understand the issue or not. The facts and evidence input into it is just a plus and guarantees that you will visit the site more than once. I will stick in your head; stays with you- which is good.

jezebel.com It tries to be humorous, it is kind of corny. That is why I like though, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still talks about issues that may not be relevant to the audience specifically, but tels the story from their point of view, which makes it for them. Tone and context is everything.  

globalgrind.com I like the layout and format of it. It take strong stances but it reflects its audience effectively. The audience is indirectly widened because the writer of many for the blogs is Russel Simmons, who is form the Hip Hop generation, but the audience is mostly of the Millennial generation. this way older people who visit the site don’t feel left out or separated from the subjects discussed.

gawker.com This was a new one for me too. I liked it because it was actually funny and was colorful and pleasant to look at. The blogs weren’t too long and they gave just enough for you to stay interested of to look up some things on the subjects yourself.

Blogs I don’t like:

http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com This just annoys me, maybe I will use something in to as an example to elaborate on in my paper, but I don’t want to imitate it. I feel that most people don’t relate to it and it is just a joke at the end of the day. It reminds me of the movie Old School; it good for a laugh then once you’ve seen it you’re done. 

www.foxnews.com- Just because the are dicks. I do like the set up, but using anything that they produce toward my education is like going against nature. I just can’t, I won’t be able to sleep.  

www.angryblackwoman.comI don’t think I would like to do my blog in this form because, even though the topics are good, it is not very informative. It is more emotional than having actual evidence to support things. They give lots of arguments, but don’t reference any other blogs or articles. I did like that that they included many current events.

www.perezhilton.com he was completely over the top, which is useful in its own place, but not for everything. He also said when he wasn’t sure about thinks, but why say it anyway if you are not sure…that’s how rumors start. I thin it was intentional. Not what I want to imitate.

jackandjill.com- to stuffy and predictable; not a blog I would read-not enough info or excitment.

Hey guys…

So, just wanted to tell you that Lady Gaga is the first artist to get 1 billion hits on Youtube… Hot Soup!!! (I hate you David Bromstad). 

But, I also wanted to ask about the Quiddich team. I am a RTF major and I want to do a short documentary about the game. Isaac, let me know when and where you guys meet; I heard you mention that you were apart of it in class. I think this is something interesting that my group members won’t think of. It will only be about 3-5 minutes long so don’t panic. I probably just do a few short interviews and some clips of you playing. I will try to put it on Youtube so that everyone can see it. Thanks in advanced.

Finally, EVERYONE GO VOTE…or else. Bye.